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Make sure your estate goes to the people you love.

Learn how to avoid probate, minimize taxes and enhance your legacy.



If you think a will is sufficient to protect your estate, think again. Often loved ones may not receive the value of your estate for many months, or even years! In addition, your family will likely have to sell estate assets to pay substantial taxes and fees.


We have invited two industry experts to provide a holistic approach, covering both the legal and financial aspects of estate planning.


Paula Bowering, BA, MLIS, MBA, JD, is a lawyer who practices in the area of wills and estates.


Michael Sidhu, CFP, FMA, RCIS, is a financial planner who specializes in estate and succession planning.


The presentations will be followed by a Q & A session with our panel of experts.


The seminar will uncover myths and tips about estate planning, including strategies to:

    • Avoid probate to settle your estate quickly
    • Minimize or eliminate taxes
    • Enhance your inheritance to loved ones and charitable giving
    • Maintain the privacy of your family's affairs


Event Details

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Comfort Hotel, Victoria (3020 Blanshard Ave.)
Cost: No charge


Refreshments served, plenty of free parking, guests welcome. If you are unable to attend, please call to inquire about a free consultation. We will try to record it as well.


Please note, Johanna will not be attending this seminar. After much debate with our guest speakers, the only date that worked for everybody was when Johanna is away. As much as she hates the idea of missing this great event and reconnecting with everybody in person, her main priority is to make this important information available to you.


About the speakers


Paula Bowering, BA, MLIS, MBA, JD 

Paula Bowering, BA, MLIS, MBA, JD


Paula Bowering is lawyer in Victoria who joined the legal profession because of her passions for

learning and for contributing to and supporting the flourishing of others. Her "whole-person-whole-life" approach is rooted in a deep commitment to helping people manage the legal issues of their everyday lives. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Paula worked

in journalism, librarianship and management. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Library and Information Studies, Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor. She clerked with the Provincial Court of Alberta, articled with the Attorney General of British Columbia, and she worked with the Attorney General of Alberta and the Alberta Law Reform Institute before going into private practice. She regards it as a privilege to be a part of her clients’ lives, and she loves her work of providing l

egal services that help people create security and stability through all the changes and challenges of their lives.


In 2013 B.C. revamped its inheritance-and-estate law, bringing in the Wills, Estates and Success Act. The new law allows wills that previously would have been invalid to be probated. With many people increasingly using self-help packages to write their own wills, issues are further exacerbated. How will you ensure that the resources you have worked so hard to build will be used to meet your needs in your lifetime and passed on to those you care about? Do you understand how such things as life estates, right of survivorship, and trusts can help protect you and your loved ones while you are alive and when you die? At what point

do you need a Power of Attorney or a Representation Agreement? What family law issues are relevant to your family structure, and how might this impact your testamentary wishes? How can you protect against undo influence, testamentary capacity challenges, fraudulent wills, wills variation or revocation, or fraudulent wills?



Michael Sidhu CFP, FMA, RCIS   

Michael Sidhu, CFP, FMA, RCIS


Michael Sidhu is a recovering banker who lives in Victoria together with his wife and business partner, Marena, and three children. Over the last 22 years, Michael has experienced many roles in the financial industry including investments, insurance and mortgage banking.  Michael has devoted a significant amount of time during his career to the study of Austrian Economics and financial planning, earning recognized designations along the way including his Infinite Banking Practitioners Certification in 2016. Having both a conventional and Austrian Economic viewpoint, combined with a unique and wide variety of industry experience, Michael has a perspective unique among his peers.  He now devotes his time mentoring others to achieve financial success and significance through financial literacy. Michael continues to develop his vision to help others by keeping the pulse on what banks are telling their clients as well as what the real world looks like.


Comfort Inn & Suites Victoria BC


Event Details:


Thursday, September 21


Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Location: Comfort Inn & Suites Victoria

3020 Blanshard Street

Victoria, BC 


Cost: No charge (FREE)


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